When Can We Expect Sistas Season 4 to Premiere on BET Plus?

As fans eagerly await the return of Tyler Perry's hit drama series Sistas, many are wondering when Season 4 will premiere on BET Plus. The show, which follows a group of single Black women navigating their personal and professional lives in Atlanta, has gained a huge following since its debut in 2019. With its relatable characters, sharp writing, and explosive plot twists, Sistas has become a must-watch for anyone looking for a gripping drama with a diverse cast.

So, when can we expect to see the ladies of Sistas back on our screens? While an official release date has yet to be announced, there are some clues that hint at when Season 4 might drop. For one, Tyler Perry Studios resumed production on the show in March 2021, after a hiatus due to COVID-19. That means that new episodes are likely in the works and could be ready for release later this year.

Additionally, BET Plus has been ramping up its promotion of Sistas Season 4 on social media, with teasers and behind-the-scenes photos from the set. This suggests that the network is gearing up for a big premiere and wants to build excitement among fans. With all of these factors in mind, it's safe to say that Sistas Season 4 is coming soon – and fans should be prepared for more drama, romance, and sisterhood than ever before.

The Plot of Sistas

Sistas is a popular American sitcom television series that premiered on BET in 2019. The show revolves around a group of four girlfriends, Andi, Karen, Danni, and Sabrina, who are all in their 30s and trying to navigate their personal and professional lives in modern-day Atlanta LeoVegas.

Andi is a successful divorce lawyer who is struggling to balance her career and love life. Karen is a wealthy real estate agent who is still mourning the loss of her husband. Danni is a fiery bartender who is trying to make a name for herself in the music industry. Sabrina is Andi's boss at the law firm, who is trying to find happiness after divorcing her cheating husband.

As the four friends navigate their personal dramas, they turn to each other for support and advice. The show deals with relevant topics such as race, gender, and sexuality. It also tackles issues like infidelity, abortion, and mental health.

Sistas has been praised for its fresh perspective on Black women's lives and relationships. The series has gained a loyal following of fans who are eagerly anticipating the premiere of the fourth season on BET Plus.

Sistas Ratings: How Did Season 3 Perform?

Sistas, a BET Plus original series, has been a hit since it premiered in October 2019. The show follows a group of single black women in their late 20s to early 30s as they navigate their personal and professional lives in Atlanta.

Season 3 of Sistas, which aired from June to October 2021, continued to attract a strong audience. The show averaged over 1 million viewers per episode, making it one of the top-rated series on BET Plus.

According to Nielsen ratings, Sistas also performed well in the key demographic of adults ages 18-49. The show ranked in the top 10 cable programs among this group on Wednesday nights, consistently beating out competitors such as Bravo's Real Housewives franchise and TLC's 90 Day Fiancé.

The success of Sistas can be attributed to its engaging storylines, relatable characters, and talented cast. Viewers have praised the show for its portrayal of black women and the issues they face in modern society. As a result, fans are eagerly anticipating the premiere of Sistas season 4 on BET Plus.

The Future of Sistas Season 4: Will it be renewed?

Sistas, the hit series on BET Plus that follows a group of Black women navigating life, love, and career, has captivated viewers since its debut. With three successful seasons under its belt, fans are eagerly awaiting news of a fourth season.

Despite no official announcements from BET Plus about the future of the show, fans can remain hopeful as Sistas has consistently been one of the top-rated series on the streaming service. Additionally, show creator Tyler Perry has expressed his passion for the project, stating in interviews that he has plans for the show's future.

Many fans have speculated about what's next for Sistas, with some predicting new storylines and characters, while others wonder if the show will go in a different direction. Regardless, it's clear that Sistas has a dedicated fan base eager for the show to continue and grow.

As of now, the fate of Sistas remains uncertain, but fans can stay tuned to BET Plus and Tyler Perry's social media channels for updates and any developments on the future of the series.

Filming of Sistas Season 4

The filming for Sistas season 4 has already begun with Tyler Perry as the showrunner and director for the series. The first episode of the new season has been titled "Let It Burn" and will continue where the last season left off.

The show's primary filming location is Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta, Georgia. The production team has implemented strict COVID-19 protocols to ensure the safety of the cast and crew during filming.

The new season will feature new storylines and character development for the main cast, including Andi, Karen, Danni, and Sabrina. The audience can expect the same high-intensity drama and comedic moments that have made the show so popular.

The exact premiere date for Sistas season 4 has not been announced yet, but fans can expect it to air in late 2021 or early 2022.

Meet the Cast of Sistas Season 4

Sistas is a popular American television series that airs on BET Plus. The show follows the lives of four single women of different backgrounds and careers who navigate the ups and downs of their personal and professional lives while supporting each other. Let's take a closer look at the talented cast of Sistas Season 4:

  • KJ Smith: Smith plays Andi Barnes, an ambitious lawyer who finds herself torn between two love interests. She is described as strong-willed and independent.
  • Mignon Von: Von plays Daniella "Danni" King, a hair salon owner who struggles with trust issues and finding love. She is known for her feisty and outspoken personality.
  • Ebony Obsidian: Obsidian plays Karen Mott, a conservative bank teller who falls in love with a married man. She is a devout Christian who is often conflicted by her desires.
  • Novi Brown: Brown plays Sabrina Hollins, a successful real estate agent who is single and ready to mingle. She is a fashionista who enjoys the finer things in life.

The supporting cast includes talented actors such as DeVale Ellis, Kevin Walton, and Trinity Whiteside. With their compelling performances, the cast of Sistas Season 4 is sure to keep viewers entertained and engaged.

New Characters to Look Forward to in Sistas Season 4

As Sistas prepares to return for its fourth season, viewers can look forward to some new faces joining the cast. These characters are set to shake things up and add new dimensions to the show.

  • Darnell - A new love interest for Karen, who is described as charming but with a bit of a wild side.
  • Haley - A young woman who catches the eye of Zac, but turns out to have some dark secrets.
  • Byron Douglas III - A wealthy businessman who meets and becomes involved with Andi, but has a tumultuous and mysterious past.
  • Preston - An old friend of Maurice who returns to town and begins a romance with one of the leading ladies.

These new characters promise to bring drama, romance, and intrigue to the already compelling storyline of Sistas. Fans of the show won't want to miss a minute!

What to Expect from Sistas Season 4

Sistas Season 4 promises to bring back all the drama, friendships, and romantic relationships that fans have come to love from the first three seasons. The series follows a group of four successful black women in their love lives, friendships, and careers.

Throughout the series, viewers have been invested in the romantic relationships of the four women and are curious to see where they will go in the upcoming season.

  • Danni and Preston's relationship: Danni and Preston's relationship was left hanging in Season 3, and fans are eager to see if they will make it work in Season 4.
  • Andi and Gary's relationship: Andi ended things with Gary at the end of Season 3, and it remains to be seen if they will reconcile in the new season.
  • Karen and Zac's marriage: Karen and Zac's marriage was on the rocks at the end of Season 3, and fans are hoping they can work through their issues in Season 4.
  • Sabrina's love life: Sabrina has struggled with finding love throughout the series, and it will be interesting to see if she finally finds the one in Season 4.

In addition to the romantic relationships, viewers can expect more drama and plot twists in the new season.

Sistas Season 4 is expected to deliver another exciting season, showcasing the lives of these women and the challenges they overcome in their personal and professional lives.

Potential Storylines for Sistas Season 4

Sistas is a popular drama series that tells the story of four black women from different walks of life who navigate through life, love, and career together. The show has captivated audiences with its compelling storylines and talented cast, and fans are eagerly awaiting the premiere of season 4.

With the end of season 3 leaving several cliffhangers, there are many possible storylines that season 4 can explore. One potential storyline is the aftermath of Karen's affair with Zac. Karen has always been the moral compass of the group, and her actions may have repercussions on her relationships with her friends and her job at the law firm.

Another potential storyline is the continuation of Danni's relationship with Preston. Danni has always been guarded when it comes to love, and her relationship with Preston has been rocky. The season can explore their struggles to work things out, or even a potential breakup.

A third potential storyline is the introduction of new characters and romantic interests for the four women. Sistas has always been known for its diverse and complex characters, and adding new characters can bring fresh perspectives and new conflicts to the series.

  • Will Andi finally find true love?
  • Will Karen be able to redeem herself?
  • How will Sabrina's pregnancy continue to affect her relationships?
  • What new challenges will Danni face in her career?

These are just a few of the many potential storylines that can be explored in Sistas season 4. With the talented cast and the show's ability to tackle complex issues, fans are sure to be in for a treat when the new season premieres on BET Plus.

Speculations about Sistas Season 4

1. New characters may be introduced

As with previous seasons, it is possible that new characters will be introduced in Sistas Season 4. There could be new love interests, friends, or even family members that add to the drama and intrigue of the show. Fans will have to wait and see who the new faces will be.

2. The plot may involve more serious topics

Sistas Season 3 tackled a number of serious topics, including police brutality, racism, and mental health. It is possible that Season 4 will continue to explore these issues, or delve into other important topics that affect the Black community.

3. Relationships may be tested

The women of Sistas have gone through their fair share of ups and downs in their romantic relationships. It is likely that Season 4 will continue to test these relationships and push the characters to their limits. Will any of the couples survive the drama?

4. The season may end with a cliffhanger

Sistas Season 3 ended with a major cliffhanger that left fans anxiously awaiting the next installment. It is possible that Season 4 will end on a similar note, leaving viewers eager for more.

5. The soundtrack will be on point

One thing that Sistas does exceptionally well is its use of music. From classic R&B to current hip-hop hits, the show always has a great soundtrack. Expect Season 4 to continue this trend and keep fans grooving.

The Release Date of Sistas Season 4

Are you eagerly anticipating the fourth season of Sistas on BET Plus? Fans of the hit drama series can't wait to catch up on the latest twists and turns of the lives of their favorite characters.

In exciting news, BET Plus has announced that Sistas Season 4 is set to premiere in the fall of 2021. That's just a few short months away, so mark your calendars and set your reminders!

This season promises to be just as thrilling and dramatic as the ones that came before it. The show will pick up right where it left off, with new challenges and surprises in store for our leading ladies.

  • Will Andi finally find true love?
  • What will happen between Karen and Zach?
  • Can Sabrina overcome her past and find happiness?
  • And what about Danni and Preston - can their relationship survive?

These are just a few of the burning questions that fans are dying to have answered in Sistas Season 4. So get ready to tune in and find out what happens next!

The Delay in the Release of Sistas Season 4 on BET Plus

Fans of the hit TV show Sistas are eagerly awaiting the premiere of Season 4 on BET Plus. Unfortunately, there has been a delay in the release of the show, which has left many viewers disappointed.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused significant disruptions in the entertainment industry, including the production and release of TV shows. It is likely that the delay in the release of Sistas Season 4 is due to logistical challenges caused by the pandemic.

While there has been no official announcement regarding the new release date for Sistas Season 4, there are rumors that it will be released later this year. In the meantime, fans can enjoy previous seasons of the show on BET Plus or catch up on other popular shows and movies on the streaming platform.

Despite the delay, fans of Sistas remain optimistic and cannot wait to see what the new season has in store for them. Stay tuned for further updates on the release date of Sistas Season 4 on BET Plus.

Sistas Season 4 Trailer and Teaser - A Sneak Peek into BET Plus' Upcoming Drama Series

BET Plus has released the official trailer and teaser for the highly anticipated fourth season of Sistas, the drama series created by Tyler Perry. The gripping trailer hints at the intense drama and unexpected twists that await viewers as the show's lead characters navigate their relationships while balancing their personal and professional lives.

The teaser, on the other hand, provides a glimpse into the show's storyline without revealing too much. Fans can catch a brief glimpse of the show's beloved characters while getting excited about what's to come.

As one of BET Plus' most popular shows, Sistas has amassed a huge following in the past three seasons, with viewers eagerly awaiting the release of Season 4. With the release of the trailer and teaser, the excitement among fans has only increased.

  • In the trailer, we see Andi (played by KJ Smith) struggling with her romantic relationships while dealing with her career as a lawyer.
  • Karen (played by Ebony Obsidian) faces a challenge when she discovers Aaron's (played by Cortney Hicks) secret life as she contemplates taking their relationship to the next level.
  • Danni (played by Mignon Von) deals with issues of jealousy and insecurity as Preston (played by Anthony Dalton) navigates his newfound success.
  • Fatima (played by Novi Brown) juggles her business ventures and romantic interests.

With its compelling plot, relatable characters, and talented cast, Sistas Season 4 is sure to be a hit with fans of the show. The trailer and teaser have created a buzz around the show, guaranteeing an eagerly anticipated premiere on BET Plus.

Behind the Scenes of Sistas Season 4

Get ready for an exclusive look at what goes on behind the scenes of Sistas Season 4! The hit BET Plus series follows the lives of four single Black women as they navigate their personal and professional lives in Atlanta.

The cast of Sistas Season 4 includes KJ Smith, Mignon Von, Ebony Obsidian, and Novi Brown. Each actress brings a unique personality to the show and their chemistry on and off screen is undeniable.

The show's creator, Tyler Perry, is known for his attention to detail and his dedication to his craft. From writing to directing to producing, Perry is involved in every aspect of the show's production.

One of the challenges of filming Sistas Season 4 was the COVID-19 pandemic. To ensure everyone's safety, the cast and crew had to follow strict protocols, including frequent testing and social distancing measures.

Despite the challenges, fans can expect Sistas Season 4 to be just as entertaining and engaging as the previous seasons. With new storylines and twists, the show promises to keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

Promotion of Sistas Season 4

The highly anticipated Sistas Season 4 is set to premiere on BET Plus soon, and fans are already eager to see what new drama awaits the favorite characters. With the upcoming season, the network's marketing team has started launching various promotional campaigns across different digital and traditional channels to create buzz and draw viewership.

  • Social media campaign: BET Plus's social media pages have been active, promoting teasers, trailers, and other sneak peeks of Sistas Season 4. Through Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, the network is engaging with its followers and generating a conversation around the show.
  • Publicity stunt: BET Plus's team recently carried out a publicity stunt by placing a giant billboard of Sistas in a busy downtown area. The board showcases the show's leading characters, and fans have been stopping by to take pictures and share them on social media.
  • Advertisements: The marketing team has utilized both traditional and digital advertising methods to promote the upcoming season. Ads have been running on both TV and online platforms, targeting different age groups and demographics.
  • Special events: BET Plus has arranged special events and exclusive screenings for Sistas' fans to meet the cast and production crew. These events not only create a buzz but also help to build a community among the show's fans.
  • Merchandise: Merchandising has become a popular trend for TV shows, and Sistas Season 4 is no exception. The show's merchandise, ranging from T-shirts to phone cases, has been made available on online platforms to create brand awareness and generate revenue.

In conclusion, the marketing team of BET Plus has left no stone unturned to promote the upcoming season of Sistas and engage with its audience. From social media campaigns to publicity stunts, the team has used multiple strategies to create hype around the show and draw viewership. Fans are eagerly waiting for the premiere of Sistas Season 4.

Where to Watch Sistas Season 4

If you're a fan of the hit BET Plus show Sistas, you're probably wondering where you can catch the upcoming fourth season. Luckily, there are a few options available to you!

First and foremost, you can watch Sistas Season 4 exclusively on BET Plus, the network's streaming platform. If you're not already a subscriber, you'll need to sign up for the service to access the new episodes.

Another option is to catch Sistas Season 4 on-demand through your cable provider. Many cable companies offer the ability to purchase individual episodes or entire seasons of popular TV shows, including Sistas. Check with your provider to see if this is an option.

If you prefer to own your content, Sistas Season 4 will likely be available to purchase digitally on platforms like Amazon, iTunes, and Google Play. Keep an eye out for these options once the season has aired.

No matter which way you choose to watch, we're sure you'll be thrilled to catch up with your favorite characters and see what drama unfolds in Season 4 of Sistas!