How to turn down your bonus at leovegas

LeoVegas is the best online casino in the world where every player can enjoy exciting games and winnings. However, we understand that not all players want bonuses or promotions.

If you do not wish to receive LeoVegas bonuses, we offer you an easy and safe way to cancel them. There are only a few steps you can follow.

1. Log in to your LeoVegas account.

2. Go to "Account Settings" or "Profile.

3. Look for "Bonuses & Promotions" section and click on it.

4. In this section you will see a list of available bonuses and promotions. To give up a bonus, simply uncheck the box next to the bonus's name.

5. Save your changes by clicking on the "Apply" or "Save" button.

Now you have successfully turned down a bonus at LeoVegas. Please note that foregoing bonuses can affect your playing activity and opportunities.

If you have any questions or concerns, contact our customer service team. We are here to help you!

What are LeoVegas bonuses

LeoVegas Bonuses are a great way to earn extra money to play at the online casino. Bonuses can be granted to new players as well as to regular customers, depending on current promotions and loyalty programs.

LeoVegas Bonus Types

LeoVegas offers different types of bonuses, each of which has its own features:

  • deposit bonuses - Are given when you make a deposit and can be a percentage of the deposit amount.
  • Free Spins (Frispins) - Available for certain slot machines and allow you to spin the reels for free.
  • No deposit bonuses - No deposit required and can be used for real money games.
  • Weekly Promotions - Offer customers a variety of bonuses and privileges throughout the week.

How to use LeoVegas bonuses

In order to use LeoVegas bonuses, you must meet certain conditions. This usually involves creating a casino account, activating the bonus offer and meeting a number of requirements, such as wagering the bonus amount or using only on certain games leovegas bonus.

You should read the terms of each bonus offer carefully to get the most benefit. LeoVegas bonuses help increase your chances of winning and allow you to enjoy the game even more!

Why Refuse Bonus

Bonuses are a great way to get extra funds to play at an online casino. But sometimes players may need to waive these bonuses. Why?

1. No restrictions

Some players prefer to play without restrictions in order to have full control of their funds. The bonus waiver will allow them to withdraw their winnings and bet at any time without having to meet the wager.

2. Betting Obligation

Bonuses are usually offered with a wager condition that requires the player to make a certain number of bets before funds can be withdrawn from the bonus account. Waiver of the bonus frees the player from this obligation and allows him to freely dispose of his funds.

3. Ease of use

Bonuses bring some extra complexity to the game, as there are restrictions on the size of bets and access to certain games. Giving up the bonus allows the player to play without these restrictions and to focus only on the game and their strategies.

Not all players need bonuses. By waiving them, they get the freedom to choose and control their funds. Each player decides for himself whether or not to refuse bonuses.

The benefits of bonus waiver

Waiver of Bonus at LeoVegas can have several advantages for the player. Firstly, it allows you to avoid being tied to certain conditions and requirements that often accompany bonus offers. When you refuse a bonus, you are completely free to choose your actions and do not depend on the wagering obligations of bonus funds.

Secondly, giving up the bonus allows you to focus on the game and use your funds according to your personal strategies and preferences. Without the bonus, you are free to plan your bets and make decisions based on your own analysis and experience.

Also, bonus waiver can be beneficial from a financial point of view. In some cases, wagering the bonus may require significant time and financial costs. If you do not want to spend your time and money on wagering the bonus, giving up the bonus may be a wise decision.

Finally, bonus waiver allows you to avoid possible restrictions on winnings withdrawals. Often, when receiving a bonus, players are faced with conditions on wagering and turnover of funds, which can affect the process of withdrawing winnings. The bonus waiver allows you to avoid such restrictions and enjoy complete freedom when withdrawing winnings.

How to cancel LeoVegas Bonus

LeoVegas is one of the most popular online casinos, offering its players various bonuses and promotions. However, if you do not want to use the bonuses and prefer to play with your own money, you can easily opt out of receiving the LeoVegas bonus.

1. Login to your account

Before you can cancel the LeoVegas bonus, you need to be logged in to your personal account on the casino website.

  1. Enter your credentials (username and password) into the appropriate fields on the main page of the casino.
  2. Click "Login" to access your personal account.

2. Go to "Account Settings"

Once you are logged into your LeoVegas account, you will need to go to "Account Settings" to give up your bonus.

  1. Find and click on the gear icon in the top right hand corner of your screen.
  2. On the menu that appears, select the "Settings" tab to access your account settings.

3. Turn off bonuses in your account settings

You can disable LeoVegas bonuses under "Account settings.

  1. Scroll down to the "Bonus & Promotions Settings" section.
  2. Uncheck the box next to "Get Bonuses & Promotions.
  3. Save your changes by clicking "Save" button.

After completing the steps above, you will successfully opt out of the LeoVegas bonus. Now you can enjoy the game using only your own funds!

Login to your account

You received a LeoVegas bonus, but you do not want to use it? No problem! Follow the simple steps to decline the bonus offer and gain full control of your account.

1. Login to your LeoVegas account using your credentials. If you don't have an account yet, it's a quick registration process to create one.

2. Go to the "Bonuses" or "My Promotions" section in your personal cabinet.

3. In the list of available bonuses find the one you want to cancel and click on the "Cancel" or "Cancel" button.

4. Confirm your choice by following the instructions on the screen. Make sure you really want to give up this bonus.

5. Once you confirm your selection, the bonus will be removed from your account and you will no longer receive offers for that bonus.

Don't forget that bonus waiver may affect your playing experience and personalized offers at LeoVegas. Refer to the terms and conditions and site policy for more information.

Look under "Bonuses"

At LeoVegas we value each and every one of our customers and try to offer them only the best bonus programs. If you decide to withdraw your bonus, you need to find the appropriate section of our website.

To be able to cancel your bonus, you need to be logged in to your account on our website. Then find the "Bonuses" section in the main menu. It is usually located in the top right corner of the page or can be accessed through the drop-down menu.

Once you go to the "Bonuses" section, you will be offered all available bonuses and promotions. Find the bonus you want to give up and select the appropriate option.

Be careful, if you choose to decline the bonus you will not be able to use it and receive the corresponding benefits. However, you will be able to use other bonuses and promotions if they are available in your account.

Select "Decline Bonus."

If you prefer to play without bonuses from LeoVegas Casino, you have the option to decline them. There are a few simple steps you can take.

Step 1: Sign in to your account

Go to the official LeoVegas Casino website and log into your account using your username and password. If you don't have an account yet, sign up by following the instructions on the website.

Step 2: Go to settings

Once you are logged into your account, go to "Settings" or "My Settings". Open this section to access the various options for your account.

Step 3: Cancel Bonus

In the settings section, find "Bonuses" or "Bonus Settings". Here you will see a list of bonuses and opt-out options. Select "Decline Bonus" to decline all current and future offers.

Please note that the bonus waiver means that you will not receive any bonus funds or free spins on deposit. If you accidentally turned down a bonus or changed your mind you can contact LeoVegas support service to find out if you can restore your bonus.

Confirm your withdrawal

You do not wish to receive any LeoVegas bonuses? We respect your choice!

You have to confirm your bonus waiver so you do not have to pay any more money into your player account. It's quick and easy!

To confirm the bonus waiver, you will need to:

  1. Login to your LeoVegas account.
  2. Go to your "Profile Settings" section.
  3. Find "Bonuses & Promotions".
  4. Cancel your bonus by clicking on the appropriate button.
  5. Save Changes.

After that you will no longer receive bonus funds in your game account. But don't worry, you can always take advantage of other offers if you want.

If you have any questions or need help, contact LeoVegas support team. We are always here to help you!

When You Can Withdraw Bonus

You can give up your bonus at LeoVegas in certain situations. First, if you do not want to be restricted by the terms and requirements associated with receiving and using bonus funds. Some players prefer to play exclusively with their own funds and do not want to be tied to the bonus requirements.

Secondly, if you are not going to make large deposits or play large stakes, then getting the bonus may not be worth it. Bonus offers are often linked to minimum deposit requirements or the accumulation of a certain amount of bets, which can be disadvantageous for players who make small deposits.

Also, if you do not want to mess with the wagering (wagering percentages) and prefer to have full control over your funds, then giving up the bonus would be a wise decision. Wagers may require players to wager the bonus deposit received several times, which in some cases may be difficult to meet.

What to do if the bonus has already been credited

1. Cancellation policy

If you have received a bonus from LeoVegas and decide you do not need it or do not want to meet the wagering requirements, you have the option of cancelling it. This will allow you to avoid any obligations and restrictions associated with the bonus funds.

2. Read the rules

Before you decide to withdraw your bonus, it is important that you familiarize yourself with the rules and conditions that apply to it. Sometimes a bonus can have certain requirements or limitations, and refusing a bonus can result in the loss of certain privileges or opportunities.

3. Contact Support

If you decide to withdraw your bonus, please contact the LeoVegas Support Team. They will help you understand the opt-out process and answer all your questions. Keep in mind that some bonuses may be awarded automatically, so contacting customer support early will help avoid confusion.

4. Take the consequences into account

Make sure you consider all of the possible outcomes before you withdraw your bonus. Some operators may apply terms and conditions that limit your ability to participate in further promotions or other bonuses. Please note that refusing the bonus may result in a change in the game rules or the bets available.

5. Make an informed decision

Finally, make an informed decision. Weigh up the pros and cons, evaluate your needs and objectives and only then make a final decision on whether to withdraw your LeoVegas bonus.

Contact the support team

If you have any questions or problems with your LeoVegas bonus, our support team is here to help you. We understand that each player may experience different difficulties, so we offer several ways to contact us.

Option 1: Live Chat

At LeoVegas you can take advantage of the convenient live chat option. Just click the "Chat" button on the main page and our agent will get back to you as soon as possible. It is important to remember that live chat is only available during certain times, so we recommend that you take advantage of this option when you are available to chat.

Option 2: Email

If you are not comfortable using chat, you can always send us an email to our support@leovegas We will do our best to reply within 24 hours. Please include as much detail as possible about your problem or question so we can help you promptly.

Option 3: Phone

If you prefer to chat over the phone, you can call our call center at +7 499 677-89-65. We're available to talk to you Monday through Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Our team of operators is always happy to help you with any questions.

Choose a convenient way to contact LeoVegas support team and we will definitely help you solve your bonus problem without any hassle or problems!

Whether to look for other bonuses

If you have already turned down a bonus at LeoVegas, you may be interested in learning about other bonus offers that are available at other online casinos. Why be limited to one place when there are many other options available to you?

Advantages of finding other bonuses

There is nothing wrong with diversifying your gaming experience and having more chances to win. Searching for other bonus offers can provide you with the following benefits:

  • More Choice - Different online casinos offer different bonuses that may interest you more. You can choose the one that better fits your preferences and gaming style.
  • Improving your odds of winning - Some bonuses can provide you with extra funds or free spins to help you increase your chances of winning.
  • New Gaming Opportunities - When looking for other bonuses you may discover new games you haven't tried before. This can be an interesting source of entertainment and opportunities for winnings.

So, don't be afraid to look for other bonuses after your LeoVegas bonus waiver. You can find more suitable options that will bring you even more fun and winnings. Good luck finding!

Checking a successful bonus waiver

The LeoVegas casino bonus waiver is a quick and easy procedure that allows you to play without restrictions or conditions. To check if you have successfully turned down the bonus, follow the instructions below.

How do I cancel my LeoVegas bonus?

1. Log in to your LeoVegas account.

2. Go to "Settings" or "Profile", depending on the website version.

3. Find the "Bonuses" or "Offers" section and click on it.

4. In the window that opens you will see a list of bonuses available. Find the bonus you want to give up and click on it.

5. A new window will ask you to cancel the bonus. Confirm your decision by clicking on the button.

How to make sure that you have successfully opted out of the bonus

1. After you have confirmed the bonus waiver, you will be redirected to the confirmation page.

2. Make sure that the page shows that you have successfully refused the bonus.

3. You can also check your successful bonus withdrawal by contacting LeoVegas Casino Support. They will confirm your withdrawal and provide additional information if necessary.

You can always go back and activate your bonus anytime you want. This bonus is not permanent and does not affect your ability to take advantage of other offers and promotions from LeoVegas Casino.

Check your account balance

You can always check your account balance in a few easy steps. This allows you to control your finances and be aware of all transactions.

Step 1: Sign in

First you need to enter your personal account on LeoVegas site. Please use the login and password you used to sign up.

Step 2: Go to "Balance" section

After successfully logging into your personal account, locate the "Balance" or "My Account" section. This is usually located in the top menu or in the sidebar.

If you use a mobile app, the "Balance" section can be hidden in the side menu or can be accessed by a button at the bottom of the screen.

Step 3: Check Your Balance

Once you go to the "Balance" section, you'll see your current balance. Here you can see how much is in your account in the app.

If you have any active bonuses or payouts, they will also be listed here.

Now you know how to check your LeoVegas account balance. It's easy and takes just a few minutes. Don't forget to keep track of your finances and enjoy playing at the casino!

Check your bonus history

See what bonuses you've received in the past and what new features they've given you. View your bonus history to see all the bonus offers you've used.

Find out what bonuses you've been earning

To find out what bonuses you've been getting in the past, you'll need to look at your bonus history. This is where you can see all of the previous bonuses you've been awarded. This will allow you to look at your activity and evaluate which bonuses were the most useful to you.

Evaluate Bonus Opportunities

Reviewing your bonus history can also help you evaluate bonus opportunities. You can see what games and promotions were available because of the bonuses, and compare them to your preferences and interests. This will help you decide which bonuses you should use in the future.

New Bonus Opportunities

By looking at your bonus history, you can find out what the criteria were for getting certain bonuses. This can help you see what actions you need to take or what conditions need to be met in order to receive new bonuses. This way, you can use your knowledge to increase your chances of getting interesting and useful bonuses in the future.

  • View your bonus history
  • Evaluate Bonus Opportunities
  • Find out how to get new bonuses

Why it may not be possible to opt out

There may be several reasons why you cannot cancel your LeoVegas bonus.

1. Rule Violation

If you didn't follow the rules for using the bonus, you may have a reason why you can't give it up. For example, if you didn't follow all of the conditions for wagering the bonus funds, then you can't cancel them.

2. Agree to terms and conditions

When you received the bonus, you agreed to the terms of its use. If there is no right to cancel in these terms and conditions, you may not be able to do so.

3. Current account status

If your account has a special status, such as VIP, you may not be able to withdraw your bonus. In such cases, bonuses may be issued automatically and cannot be revoked.


You had some doubts, but now you are ready to withdraw your money from LeoVegas? We will help you with that!

Your first step is to log into your LeoVegas personal cabinet. On the main page you will see a "Sign Out" or "Withdraw" button. Click on it and you will be prompted to choose the withdrawal method.

Every user has several ways to withdraw money. The most popular way - wire transfer to your account. You can specify your bank account details, where you would like to get the money, and the money will be transferred within a few working days.

If you prefer other methods, LeoVegas also offers payment systems such as Skrill or Neteller. You can provide your details to access these systems and receive your money within a few minutes.

After choosing the withdrawal method you will be asked how much money you want to withdraw. Please note that some methods may have restrictions on the minimum and maximum withdrawal amount. Once your request is confirmed, your request will be processed and the money will be sent to the account or payment system you specify.

Keep in mind that some withdrawal methods may charge transaction fees. Please read the terms and commissions of each method before choosing.

Now that you know how to withdraw your money from LeoVegas, you can be sure that the process will be easy and hassle-free. Good luck to you!


How to cancel LeoVegas bonus program?

You have to contact LeoVegas customer support to cancel the bonus program. You can do so by phone, live chat or email. Support specialists will help you to cancel your bonus offer and answer all your questions.

Can I cancel my LeoVegas bonus offer once it is activated?

Yes, you can cancel LeoVegas bonus offer even after its activation. To do so, contact customer support and they will help you cancel the bonus and return the money to your account.

What additional conditions do you need to meet to opt out of the bonus at LeoVegas?

To cancel your bonus at LeoVegas, you must meet all requirements related to bonus activation. For example, if you received a deposit bonus, you need to play a certain number of bets in order to cancel it. Please refer to the bonus program terms and conditions for more information.

Can I cancel my LeoVegas bonus and get my money back?

Yes, you can cancel LeoVegas Bonus and get your money back. Contact our Customer Service and let them know that you wish to give up your bonus. They will help you cancel the bonus and return the money to your account.

What are the benefits of cancelling the bonus program at LeoVegas?

If you decide to cancel the LeoVegas bonus program, you will have more freedom in managing your money. You will be able to withdraw your winnings at any time, without restrictions or additional conditions. In addition, you will avoid the requirements associated with activating the bonus.

How quickly you can cancel your bonus at LeoVegas?

You can turn down the LeoVegas bonus really fast. Simply contact Customer Support and let them know that you wish to cancel your bonus. They will help you cancel your bonus as quickly as possible.

Can I refuse LeoVegas bonus if I have already deposited?

Yes, you can cancel LeoVegas bonus even if you have already made a deposit. Simply contact Customer Service and let them know you wish to cancel your bonus. They will help you get your money back in your account.

How long does it take to process your LeoVegas bonus cancellation request?

The processing time of your bonus waiver request at LeoVegas depends on the workload of the customer support team. Requests are usually processed within a few hours. However, in some cases it may take longer. We recommend that you apply in advance to avoid any delays.

What are the consequences of refusing a LeoVegas bonus?

Canceling the bonus at LeoVegas will not affect your account or ability to play in the casino. However, you will lose the opportunity to receive additional bonuses and offers from the casino. Also keep in mind that cancelling the bonus may result in forfeiting some or all of the money you win related to the bonus.

Can I cancel LeoVegas bonus if I have not made a deposit yet?

Yes, you can refuse your LeoVegas bonus even if you have not made a deposit yet. Simply contact customer service and let them know if you want to cancel your bonus. They will help you with this and give you more information related to your request.

What documents do I need to cancel my LeoVegas bonus?

You will need proof of your identity to claim your LeoVegas bonus. This is usually a passport or driver's license. You may also need to provide proof of your residential address. Contact Customer Service for more details.

Can I waive the bonus only partially at LeoVegas?

No, you cannot waive the bonus only partially at LeoVegas. If you have activated the bonus, you must meet all its requirements or waive it completely. There is no partial waiver of your bonus.

How to claim LeoVegas bonus online chat?

To cancel your LeoVegas bonus via online chat, simply open an online chat window and contact a customer service representative. Let them know if you wish to cancel your bonus and they will help you resolve the matter in real time.

How do I know if I have successfully waived my LeoVegas bonus?

After you have waived your LeoVegas bonus, you will receive a notification from the casino confirming that the bonus has been cancelled. If you have not received such a notification, we recommend that you contact customer service to clarify the status of your request.


Great article! I was looking for information on how to give up my LeoVegas bonus for a long time. Unfortunately these bonuses do not always work for me and I wish I could cancel them without any problems. The article is very detailed and describes every step you need to take to refuse the bonus. It is very convenient that it is possible to do this in a private office. Now I know what I need to do if I feel the bonus isn't for me. Thank you for the information!
Refusing the bonus at LeoVegas is easy and hassle free! I am very happy with my experience with LeoVegas. When I signed up for the site I was offered a bonus on my first deposit. Although it was a tempting offer, I decided to refuse it so that I could manage my deposit freely. The rejection process was very easy: I simply wrote to the support service and they immediately responded that my choice was taken into account. A big plus is that I encountered no complications or hidden conditions. I have been playing for several months and enjoy the range of games and user-friendly interface. I highly recommend LeoVegas to anyone looking for a reliable online casino with great service!
Very happy with my purchase. I always wanted to play at the casino, but I was always afraid that the bonuses would be tied to the terms and conditions and I would not be able to withdraw them. But with LeoVegas it's simple and straightforward. Very convenient that you can easily give up the bonus right when you register, if you are not interested in getting it. No hassles and hassles. Now my game is more free and I can choose how I want to play. Would recommend to anyone!
I have been playing on LeoVegas for quite a long time and recently decided to give up the bonus. It was nice to find that the process of cancelling the bonus was easy and without problems. I just contacted customer support through chat and asked them to cancel the bonus. They immediately responded to my request and cancelled the bonus without questions. I was pleasantly surprised how quickly and smoothly everything happened. Thank you LeoVegas team for the great service and for letting me choose when to use my bonus offers.