How to merge accounts in leovegas

Many players at LeoVegas online casino may have situations where they create multiple accounts for different reasons. This could be because they forgot the password from their old account, they're having trouble accessing their account, or they just want to merge all their accounts into one for the convenience of gaming.

In this article we will tell you in detail how to merge your LeoVegas accounts and solve the problems. Account combining is available for new users as well as for those who have been playing at the casino for some time.

Before you start the process of merging accounts, you need to contact LeoVegas support team. Use the chat on the official casino website or send an email stating the reason for merging accounts and the identity of each account.

LeoVegas support team will contact you in a very short time and help you deal with merging accounts. They will give you detailed instructions and answer all your questions. It is important to remember that merging accounts can take some time, so be patient and follow the experts' instructions.

What you need to know about LeoVegas

LeoVegas is one of the best online casinos

LeoVegas is one of the most popular and reliable online casinos which offers its players a wide range of gambling games. The casino was founded in 2012 and since then it has earned a reputation as one of the leading operators in the gambling industry.

Huge selection of games

LeoVegas offers its customers a huge range of games to satisfy the tastes of different players. Here you will find slots, roulette, blackjack, poker and more. The casino cooperates with the leading game suppliers such as NetEnt, Microgaming, Evolution Gaming, Play'n GO, which guarantees the quality and variety of game content leo vegas online casino.

Convenient mobile interface

One of the advantages of LeoVegas is its mobile platform that allows you to play your favorite casino games directly from your cell phone or tablet. The casino has a perfectly optimized mobile interface that allows you to enjoy your game anywhere, anytime.

Security and Reliability

LeoVegas is licensed by several reputable regulatory bodies, including the Malta Gaming Authority and the UK Gambling Commission. This ensures that the casino complies with strict rules and regulations, ensuring a safe and secure gaming experience. In addition, the casino employs state-of-the-art security technology to protect players' personal and financial information.

Why merge accounts?

LeoVegas is one of the most popular online gaming casinos where users can enjoy gambling entertainment and win money. However, sometimes users may find themselves in a situation where they have multiple accounts on the platform, each with their own personal data and game history.

There are several reasons why a user may need to merge their accounts. First, a user may forget his or her account login information and create a new account to re-register. In this case it is convenient to merge the accounts and have all the data and history of games in one place.

Secondly, a user may accidentally create multiple accounts during registration and not notice it. Merging accounts in this case can help avoid confusion and use one main account for gaming and recharging.

The third reason why it may be necessary to merge accounts is to minimize the risks associated with financial transactions and winnings. By combining all accounts into one, the user can more easily control their money and reduce the possibility of losing or stealing funds.

Preparing to merge accounts

Before you can begin merging accounts in LeoVegas, there are a few preparation steps you need to complete.

1. Verify that you have more than one account

Before you start merging accounts, make sure that you really have several separate accounts at LeoVegas. This might be necessary if you have created several accounts by mistake or for different purposes.

2. Make sure the accounts belong to you

Before merging accounts, make sure that all those accounts belong to you. Otherwise, you will not be allowed to merge accounts without proper proof.

3. Contact customer service

Before you start merging accounts, it is recommended to contact LeoVegas support team. They will help you explain the process and provide the help and instructions you need.

Following these preparation steps, you are ready to start merging accounts in LeoVegas and simplify your game data management. Remember that merging accounts may take some time, so be patient and follow the instructions of the support team.

Steps to merge accounts

1. Check the conditions for merging accounts

Before you start the account merging process, make sure you have multiple LeoVegas accounts you want to merge. Also check that these accounts meet all the requirements set by the operator.

2. Contact the support team

Contact LeoVegas Support in order to ask for merging of your accounts. The best way to contact an operator is through online chat on the official website or call the listed phone number. Provide all necessary details such as account names or email address so that the operator can easily identify you and your accounts.

3. Confirm identity

LeoVegas operator may request additional proof of your identity in order to verify that you are the owner of all the accounts you wish to merge. You may be required to provide scans of proof of identity, such as a passport or driver's license.

4. Wait for your request to be processed

After you've submitted your account merger request and provided all the necessary details, you will need to wait for an operator to process your request. This usually takes a few business days. It is important to note that the operator may refuse to merge accounts if you do not meet their requirements or if there is any suspicion of unauthorized activity.

5. Get a confirmation

If your merge request is approved, you must receive a confirmation from LeoVegas operator. This can be in the form of an email or message in the personal cabinet. Make sure your account is merged and you can use the same login details at LeoVegas.

Account consolidation options

LeoVegas offers several ways to merge accounts, depending on your situation and preferences.

1. Contact support

If you already have multiple accounts at LeoVegas and want to combine them, you can contact support. They will help you do this and merge all of your accounts into one.

2. Filling out a special form

LeoVegas also provides a form that you can fill out to merge your accounts. The form can be found on the website or requested from support. After filling out and submitting the form, you will have to wait for the request to be processed and for them to confirm that the accounts have been merged.

3. Delete additional accounts

If you have several accounts at LeoVegas but would prefer to use only one, you can simply delete all your other accounts. Contact support, they can help you remove all unnecessary accounts and keep only one.

Please note that account combining may only be available in certain cases and according to LeoVegas rules and policies. It is recommended that you contact support for more information and instructions on merging accounts.

Features of merging accounts

One of the main features of merging accounts in LeoVegas is the ability to merge several accounts into one, which allows players to manage their funds and personal information more conveniently.

When merging accounts it is important to remember that this is a procedure that requires confirmation of player's identity and proper completion of regulations. Players must provide all required documents proving their identity and residence address.

It is also important to consider the following points in order to successfully merge accounts:

  • All accounts must be registered under the same first and last name of the player;
  • Accounts must be registered to the same email address;
  • User information, such as phone number and date of birth, must also match;
  • There should be no discrepancies in the player's identity and address documents;
  • Merging accounts can take up to a few banking days, so you should be patient and wait for the merger to complete.

LeoVegas account consolidation can be very useful for players, allowing them to have access to all of their funds and data in one place. But before merging accounts, it is advisable to check and compare all data carefully to avoid any errors and delays in the merging process.

Frequently Asked Questions About Merging Accounts

1. Why should I merge accounts with LeoVegas?

Merging accounts in LeoVegas allows you to merge all your data, access to different games and features into one account. It is convenient because you can play your favorite slots, bet on sports and participate in casino games using only one account and the same login and password.

2. Which accounts can be merged with LeoVegas?

You can merge all the accounts you have created on LeoVegas - casino, sports betting and gambling accounts. If you already have multiple accounts and want to make them shared, you can contact the LeoVegas support team for help with merging.

3. How to merge accounts in LeoVegas?

You can merge accounts in LeoVegas by contacting the support team. You can contact them by phone, write a letter, or use the online chat on the website. When merging accounts, you may need proof of your identity and account ownership.

4. What happens after merging accounts?

All of your accounts, balances, and game history will be merged into one account. You can easily switch between different game categories, bet on sports and access all LeoVegas features without having to sign in and out of different accounts.

5. Can I merge accounts if they have different names?

Yes, you can merge accounts even if they are registered under different names. However, you may need to provide additional documents or information to prove your rights to merge accounts.

6. Can I disconnect a merged account?

Yes, you can disconnect the merged LeoVegas account by contacting customer support. You can ask to disconnect accounts completely or selectively, leaving only access to certain games or functionality.

Tips for uniting accounts

Merging accounts in LeoVegas can be a useful and convenient thing, especially if you have to manage multiple accounts on different platforms or devices. Multiple accounts can lead to misunderstandings and problems, so it is recommended that you merge them into one. Here are a few tips to help you do so.

1. Check the terms and conditions

Before you begin merging accounts at LeoVegas, make sure you read and understand the terms and conditions of the casino. This is important to avoid unforeseen problems in the future. Check the restrictions and requirements when merging accounts to make sure you meet all the rules.

2. Have all necessary details ready

Before starting the account merging process, you may need to provide certain information. You may need proof of identity and address, as well as your bank account information. Make sure you have all the necessary documents and data to avoid delays in the merging process.

3. Contact support

If you have any questions or difficulties merging accounts, don't hesitate to contact LeoVegas support team for assistance. They will be happy to help you and give you all the instructions you need to merge accounts. Do not hesitate to ask questions and clarify all nuances to make sure everything will be done correctly.

4. Keep track of your account

After merging accounts, it is recommended to monitor your account closely and check all transactions, especially during the initial period after merging. This will allow you to make sure everything is working correctly, and detect and fix any problems that may arise in a timely manner.

By following these tips, you can successfully merge accounts in LeoVegas and enjoy the convenience of managing your account. This will help you avoid hassles and simplify the process of playing at the casino.

LeoVegas account consolidation benefits

LeoVegas is a popular online gambling entertainment platform that offers its users to combine different accounts in one place. The question arises as to how such a feature is useful for players? Let's look at the main advantages of merging accounts in LeoVegas.

Ease of use

One of the main advantages of combining accounts is the ease of use of the platform. Users can organize their accounts in a single control center, allowing them to easily and quickly find the games they need, control accounts and access various features of the service.

Single balance and payments

By combining accounts in LeoVegas, a user receives a single balance that can be used to bet on different games. It is convenient because you do not have to deposit your account in different sections of the platform each time. Also, the single balance simplifies the payment process, allowing them to make deposits and withdraw winnings from one account.

Bonus programs and promotions

LeoVegas account consolidation also brings the user additional benefits in the form of bonus programs and promotions. The platform offers various rewards for its players such as free spins, bonus money and other promotions. With a single account, the user can easily participate in all bonus programs and gain access to all promotions, making the gameplay even more interesting and rewarding.

The disadvantages of merging accounts in LeoVegas

When combining accounts in LeoVegas, there are some disadvantages to be aware of.

  1. Loss of data: Account transfers or mergers can lead to the loss of certain data such as game history, bonus funds, or achievements. Before merging accounts, it's a good idea to make sure you have saved all the necessary data.
  2. Account restrictions: Merging accounts can sometimes lead to temporary limitations on the use of certain features or functionality of the site. For example, access to certain games or features may be temporarily unavailable once accounts are merged.
  3. Difficulties with data processing: Merging accounts can be a complicated process with a lot of data to process. This can cause temporary delays or errors in the account merging process.
  4. Loss of privacy: There may be privacy issues when merging accounts in LeoVegas. For example, some of the data might be disclosed to other players or third parties, which could lead to a risk to your personal data.
  5. Technical problems: Merging accounts can cause technical issues such as website glitches, temporary unavailability of certain features, or errors in the operation of slot machines. This can lead to inconvenience to players and reduced satisfaction with the game.

Before you merge LeoVegas accounts we advise you to study carefully all conditions and advantages of the process in order to avoid possible disadvantages and make an informed choice. Don't forget to contact support if you have any questions or problems.

Guidelines for choosing when to merge accounts

When merging accounts at LeoVegas, it is important to choose the right time to do so. Here are the best ways to go about merging accounts in a safe and efficient manner.

1. Choose a minimum account activity period

It is recommended to choose a period of minimum activity on the site to avoid loss of data or problems during account merging. For example, you might want to use the late afternoon or late night hours when the number of active users is typically lower.

2. Check current bets and active bonuses

Before merging accounts, it is recommended to check current bets and active bonuses on both accounts. Make sure that all bets are completed and bonuses are used or cancelled before merging accounts. This will help you avoid losing money or unexpected problems during merging.

3. Prepare necessary documentation

When contacting LeoVegas support team to merge accounts you may need some documents to prove your identity and ownership of the accounts. Prepare copies of documents such as your passport or driver's license in advance to speed up the merging process.

It's important to follow these guidelines when choosing when to merge your LeoVegas accounts. This will help make the merging process as convenient and safe for you as possible.

How to restore an account after merging

After merging accounts in LeoVegas it is possible that you forgot or lost your login data to your new account. To regain access to your account, you'll need to follow a few steps.

1. Contact LeoVegas support team

The first thing to do is to contact LeoVegas support team and report the problem. You can use email, live chat or phone to describe the situation and request help to regain access to your account.

2. Provide required information

You may be required to provide some information related to your account in order for customer support to help you. This may be information you used when you signed up, such as your email address, phone number, username, etc. д. You may also be required to provide additional documents to verify your identity.

3. Wait for verification and instructions

After you contact support and provide the necessary information, you should wait for a confirmation and instructions from the LeoVegas team. They will help you access your account and provide further instructions on what to do.

Merged account options

Merging accounts in LeoVegas allows users to get a number of benefits and features that are not available in separate accounts.

Easy to Manage

Account consolidation allows users to manage all their details and settings in one place. No need to log in and out of different accounts to check balances, change personal information, or set preferences.

Single balance

Account consolidation also consolidates user balances. This means all the money in your accounts will be combined in one place. Users can manage their balance centrally and use the funds for different games and bets.

Single bonuses and promotions

Users with consolidated accounts can use all bonuses, promotions and special offers available at LeoVegas. No need to register multiple accounts to get different promotions - all bonuses will be available in one place.

Loyalty program participation

Account consolidation allows users to participate in the LeoVegas loyalty program. The more a player bets and plays, the more privileges and rewards he receives. With a merged account user can accumulate points and get benefits on all LeoVegas platforms.

Easy access to all games

Merging accounts gives players comfortable access to all games from one place. Whether you play online casino, sports betting or lottery, you can access all the games from a single account.

Unique offers for consolidated accounts

LeoVegas offers special offers and privileges for users with merged accounts. Users get exclusive bonuses, tournament entries and invitations to VIP events. A merged account can give access to special rewards that are not available to regular users.

Merging accounts at LeoVegas gives users more convenience, flexibility and features. With a consolidated account you can enjoy all the benefits of the LeoVegas platform and manage your details and finances centrally.

What data can be combined

LeoVegas allows you to merge various data related to your LeoVegas account. This allows you to simplify account management and have access to all important data in one place.

Basic data you can merge in LeoVegas:

  • Personal information: name, last name, date of birth, residential address and contact information.
  • Banking data: information on bank accounts, credit cards and other payment systems.
  • Transaction history: information about your deposits and withdrawals.
  • Bonus offers and promotions: information on bonus offers and promotions available.
  • Game history: data on your bets, wins and losses.

Combining data avoids duplication of information and makes it easier to manage your LeoVegas account. You can manage your data at any time, make changes and update information in your profile.

What to do if I can't merge accounts

If you're having trouble merging accounts in LeoVegas, there are a few steps you can take to resolve the issue:

1. Check your account details

Make sure you're entering the correct information for each account you want to merge. You may need to verify that the username and password are spelled correctly for each account, and make sure that you have the correct email address associated with each account.

2. Contact customer service

If you are sure that all the data is entered correctly but accounts are still not merged, it is best to contact LeoVegas support team. They'll be able to check your account and help you find a solution.

3. Check the terms and conditions for merging accounts

Check the conditions that must be met in order to merge accounts in LeoVegas. You may not have met all the necessary requirements, so you are unable to merge accounts. Make sure you follow all the rules and conditions to merge accounts successfully.

If you're still having trouble merging accounts at LeoVegas, don't hesitate to contact support. They are always ready to help you and solve any problems that arise.

Which accounts can be merged

LeoVegas provides the ability to merge the following types of accounts:

  • Sports betting account: If you already have a sports betting account at LeoVegas, you can merge it with other accounts to have all services in one place.
  • Casino account: If you have a LeoVegas online casino account, you can merge it with other accounts to manage all your gaming activity in one place.
  • Mobile app account: If you are already signed up for the LeoVegas mobile app, you can merge it with your other accounts to have access to all services through the app.

LeoVegas account consolidation allows you to conveniently manage all your gambling and sports betting activities while receiving all the benefits and bonuses provided by the platform.

Supported payment systems for combining accounts

You can use the following payment systems when merging accounts with LeoVegas:

  • Bank card - the most popular and convenient way of payment. You can attach your bank card to your account and use it to top up your balance.
  • Electronic Wallets - The best option for those who often make purchases online. You can attach your e-wallet (eg WebMoney, Yandex.E-money, Skrill) to your account and use it for balance replenishment.
  • Mobile payments - convenient way to pay by cell phone. Some payment systems (for example, Beeline, MTS) allow you to make payments directly from your cell phone.
  • Wire transfer - classical method of payment, which allows you to transfer money from your bank account to your bank account. You can specify your bank account details to add funds to your account.

Please note that you have to use the same LeoVegas payment system that you used when you first registered your account in order to merge your accounts. If you want to use a different payment system, you will need to create a new account.

Rules for merging accounts

To merge accounts in LeoVegas you need to follow certain rules and conditions. Firstly, you can merge accounts only if you have more than one account in the same game club. If you have accounts at different casinos, they cannot be merged into one account.

Secondly, in order to merge accounts you need to contact LeoVegas support service. You can contact them via email or online chat. Your request will be processed and a support representative will contact you for details.

You have to specify all the data you used while registering accounts when uniting accounts in LeoVegas. This includes username, email, password and other information that was specified during registration.

Merging of accounts can take some time, because you need to verify all the data and make sure that the accounts belong to the same person. So you have to be patient and wait for a response from LeoVegas support team.

Bonus funds transfer when merging accounts

Merging LeoVegas accounts raises the question of what happens to the bonus funds gained from each account. This article will cover the process of wiping bonus funds when merging accounts.

The transfer of bonus funds is done in two steps:

  1. First, bonus funds are merged from the accounts into one total amount.
  2. Then we transferred that total to the merged account.

It is important to note that when merging bonus funds, the amount of each account is taken into account in proportion to the total balance of bonus funds of all accounts.

For example, if you have two accounts: account A with balance of bonus means 1000 rubles and account B with balance of bonus means 2000 rubles, and you decide to merge these accounts, then after merging of bonus means the total sum will be 3000 rubles.

When you merge your bonus funds the total amount is transferred to the new merged account. It allows you to use the bonus funds received in full on the new account and not to lose them when merging accounts.

What documents are required to merge accounts

While merging multiple accounts at LeoVegas you might be required to provide some documents to prove your identity and residency status. This is important for the security and protection of your funds. Here is a list of documents that are usually required:

1. Proof of Identity

You will need to provide a scan or photocopy of your valid identification, such as a passport or driver's license. Make sure the document is legible and free from distortion or damage.

2. Proof of address

You must provide a document with your full name and physical address. This can be a bank statement, utility bill, bank statement, or other official document, no older than 3 months. Make sure the address on the document is the same as the one you provided when you registered.

3. Documents of ownership of funds

You may need to provide documents that prove the source of your funds. It may be a bank statement, tax return, real estate purchase agreement or other supporting document. The goal is to verify the legality and origin of your funds.

Required documents may vary depending on your country of residence and personal circumstances. When preparing documents, make sure that all scans or photocopies are clear and easy to read. If you have any questions or difficulties, it is recommended that you contact LeoVegas customer support for additional help and instructions.

Timeline for merging accounts

Merging accounts in LeoVegas may take some time. It usually takes about 3-5 business days. It is important to keep in mind that timelines can vary depending on current customer service workload and the need for additional verification.

There may be some delays in the process of merging accounts due to verification of personal information and confirming the legitimacy of the request. If you need specific information about the timing of account merging, it is recommended that you contact LeoVegas support team and verify all the details of the process.

Please keep in mind that account merging can be rejected if you violate LeoVegas Terms of Use or if you notice any suspicious actions. Therefore, it is recommended to follow all the rules and provide accurate and truthful data when requesting to merge accounts.

Please notice that LeoVegas reserves the right to change conditions and terms of account merging at any time. So it is recommended to check the information on the official website regularly and follow the merging process till the end. If you have any questions or need more information, you can always contact LeoVegas support service.

What information is changed when you merge accounts

When merging accounts in LeoVegas, the following data will change:

  1. First and Last Name: Merging accounts will retain only first and last name of the account that will remain active. All other names associated with other accounts will be deleted.
  2. Email: When merging accounts, the email of the active account will be retained, and other email addresses will be deleted.
  3. Phone number: Merging accounts will retain the phone number of the active account, and other phone numbers will be deleted.
  4. Address: When merging accounts, the address of the active account will be retained, and the other addresses will be deleted.
  5. Currency: When merging accounts, the currency of the active account will be retained and other currencies will be deleted.
  6. Transaction History: Merging accounts will merge transaction history, and the active account will have information about all the transactions of all the accounts being merged.

When merging accounts, it is also important to note that any data that was associated with other accounts will not be available after the merger. Users are advised to save a copy of their data before merging accounts.

What information you need to merge accounts

To merge accounts in LeoVegas, you will need to provide the following information:

  • Logins and passwords: You'll need the right username and password for each account you merge.
  • Personal information: You may be asked for your personal details including your full name, address, date of birth and contact information.
  • Documents: You may need to provide copies of official documents such as your passport or driver's license to verify your identity.
  • Game History: If you have any active or closed gambling accounts, you may be required to provide additional information about them, including dates, betting amounts and winnings.

Make sure the information you provide is accurate and complete to avoid delays or problems when merging accounts. If you have any questions or need help, you can always contact the LeoVegas support team for more information and guidance.

Identity Confirmation When Merging Accounts

When you merge accounts with LeoVegas, it is necessary to pass through identity verification procedure to provide security and prevent possible fraud. This is a requirement for all players who want to merge their accounts.

The identity verification process usually involves providing certain documents to help establish your identity. These documents may include your passport, driver's license or other official documents with a photo and proof of address.

Once you have received all the required documents, you need to send them to LeoVegas Support for verification. Verification usually takes some time, so be prepared for a possible delay in the account merging process.

It is important to note that all submitted documents must be authentic and correspond to your real identity. Any attempt to provide false documents can lead to immediate rejection of your account combining request and even to the blocking of your account.

Proof of identity when merging accounts is an important step to help protect your finances and prevent possible problems in the future. Make sure you provide only truthful information and cooperate with LeoVegas support team for a successful account merge.

The benefits of account matching in LeoVegas

Registering an account at LeoVegas online casino allows players to enjoy a wide selection of the best games, as well as many benefits. One of the key advantages of account consolidation.

Convenience and time saving. Account combining at LeoVegas allows players to combine all of their data and funds on one platform. Which makes the game more convenient and saves time on setting up a new account. In addition, you don't need to remember many logins and passwords, all the data can be used to log in to the combined account.

Access to a variety of entertainment. Combining accounts allows players to access a wide selection of games in different categories. You don't have to worry about creating multiple accounts to play slots, roulette, blackjack, and other gambling games. A combined account allows you to enjoy all these activities from one place.

More bonuses and promotions. Linking accounts in LeoVegas lets players get more bonuses and take part in various promotions. The company encourages activity and offers players additional rewards for combining accounts. This way, you can get more chances to win and more of your deposits.

Convenient account monitoring and management. Linking accounts allows players to control and manage their account easily. You can easily view your transaction history, check your balance, make deposits and withdraw your winnings from one convenient interface. This greatly simplifies the process of managing your finances at LeoVegas and makes the game more comfortable.

Best Service. Merging accounts allows players to get a better level of service from the support team. You get support from professionals who can help you with any questions or problems related to using a combined account. This is important to make players feel confident and comfortable while playing.

Where to find more information about account consolidation

If you have any questions or need more information on the LeoVegas account merging procedure, you can refer to the official casino website. On this site you will find all the information you need on how to merge your accounts.

However, in order to get the most comprehensive information and answers to all your questions, we recommend that you contact the LeoVegas support team. They will help you learn the account merging procedure and answer all your questions.

You can use different ways of contacting the support team. On LeoVegas website you will find contact information, including support phone number and email address, to which you can send your questions and requests.

There's also online chat, where you can ask questions right away and get answers in real time. Online chat is a convenient way to contact the support team, as it allows you to get answers to your questions and solve your problems quickly.

Do not hesitate to ask for help! The LeoVegas support team is ready to help you with the account merging procedure and give you all the information you need.

Bottom line: the best way to merge LeoVegas accounts

Account merging at LeoVegas may be necessary if you have previously created multiple casino accounts and want to merge them for convenience. LeoVegas offers an easy and reliable way to merge accounts so you can access all your data and balance from one account.

The best way to merge LeoVegas accounts is to contact support. Write a letter or use online chat at LeoVegas official website. Explain your situation and specify all the existing accounts you want to merge. Provide all necessary details and documents for identity verification.

After you contact LeoVegas support team, they will do the necessary steps to merge your accounts. This usually takes some time, so be prepared to wait. After you successfully merge your accounts, you will get access to all of your LeoVegas information and balance from one account.

LeoVegas account merging is a convenient way to manage your casino data. It avoids the inconvenience of having to log in to multiple accounts and check information separately. If you have multiple LeoVegas accounts, you need to merge them to have full control over your data and balance.


Can I merge multiple accounts in LeoVegas?

Yes, in LeoVegas you can merge multiple accounts into one account. Simply follow the instructions under "Merge accounts" in your account settings. After you complete all the steps, you will be able to use one account to access all your game data.

What happens to my account balances after merging?

After you merge your accounts in LeoVegas the balances of all your accounts will be summed up. That is, if you had two accounts with balances of 1000 rubles and 2000 rubles, after combining your total balance will be equal to 3000 rubles. You will be able to use this amount to play or withdraw at any time.

What information you need to merge your LeoVegas accounts?

To merge your LeoVegas accounts you will need the details of the accounts you want to merge. Usually this is username, email address and password. Please, make sure that you enter all these data correctly in order to avoid possible problems during the account merge.

Can I merge accounts registered to different email addresses?

Yes, in LeoVegas you can merge accounts even if they are registered to different email addresses. But please keep in mind that in order to successfully merge accounts you will need to know all the account details, including usernames and passwords.

How long does it take to merge accounts in LeoVegas?

The time it takes to merge your LeoVegas accounts may vary depending on various factors. In general this process does not take more than a few minutes. In rare cases, however, the process may take up to several hours. If you have any problems or delays, it is recommended to contact LeoVegas customer support for more information.

Can I cancel the LeoVegas account merge?

No, once the LeoVegas account merge process is complete, it cannot be undone. So make sure you do all the necessary checks and consider all possible consequences before merging.

Can I use one account to access different LeoVegas countries?

Yes, you can use one account to access different countries where LeoVegas is available. Please note, however, that in some cases different rules and limitations may apply depending on the law of each country. Before using an account in another country, we recommend you to read the terms and conditions of LeoVegas in that country.

I forgot the password for one of the accounts, what should I do?

If you have forgotten the password to one of your LeoVegas accounts, you can restore it by following simple instructions on the website. Simply go to the login page, choose the Forgot Password tab?" and enter your e-mail address. You will be sent instructions on how to recover your password.

Can I merge accounts registered under different user names?

Yes, you can merge accounts in LeoVegas even if they have different user names. But remember that to successfully merge accounts you'll need to know all of your account information, including email addresses and passwords.

Can I use one account to access all games in LeoVegas?

Yes, after you successfully merge your LeoVegas accounts, you will be able to use one account to access all game data and games in the casino. You will not have to create separate accounts for each game or game category. This greatly simplifies the process of playing and managing your data.

What to do if I have problems merging accounts in LeoVegas?

If you encounter any problems while merging accounts with LeoVegas, you are recommended to contact customer support. Support managers will be able to help you and give you more information about your specific case. They can also perform additional checks and resolve any technical issues that may arise in the account merging process.

Can there be any restrictions or limitations when merging accounts with LeoVegas?

In some cases restrictions or limitations may be applied when merging accounts with LeoVegas. For example, you may not be allowed to merge accounts registered to different email addresses or usernames. So it is recommended to read the LeoVegas terms and conditions of use before merging to avoid possible problems or limitations.

Can I merge multilingual accounts in LeoVegas?

Yes, you can merge accounts of different languages in LeoVegas. Please note, however, that after merging accounts you may need to select a preferred language for your account. You will have to choose the language in which you want to see information about your account and games in LeoVegas.

Can I change my merged LeoVegas account?

After you merge your LeoVegas accounts, you will only use one account to access all your game data. You will not be able to change this account without contacting customer support directly. If you need to change your account information, you can contact Support for additional information and instructions.


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